Aqeeq stone rings are one of the best seller rings worldwide due to benefits of Aqeeq. This special gemstone also known as Agate in English and عقيق نبات in arabic language. In this post we will give very detailed information about Aqeeq Stone Rings and benefits of carry and wear Aqeeq Stone.

Aqeeq Stone
Aqeeq Stone

As a worldwide biggest seller of Aqeeq Stone, our company and brand Boutique Ottoman is an authority of Aqeeq Stones. Boutique Ottoman sells Aqeeq Stone Rings to 197 countries since 1972. Our company started to design custom made Aqeeq rings at 1980. However after internet become popular, today it is very easy to find cheap Chinese Fake Aqeeq Stones and rings at market. After we get lots of inquires from our customers about a guide for Real Aqeeq Stones we prepared this guide for you. In this Aqeeq Stone Guide we will inform you about understanding real Aqeeq stones, color variations of Aqeeq stones and benefits of Aqeeq stones.


Aqeeq stone is a gemstone with lots of variations. It is a mineral from Quartz family. It is known as Agate in English and also known as Achates, Aqiq, Akik, Aqiq or عقيق نبات in different languages. It is possible to find Aqeeq in all colors however most popular and valuable ones are red, green and Sulemani Aqeeq colors. Red colors generally called as Yemeni Aqeeq however this is wrong. Yemeni only shows origin of Aqeeq. As we mentioned above it is very common stone and possible to find in different locations worldwide. Because of that Yemeni Aqeeqs are separated from Aqeeq stones due to it is high quality and value.

History of Aqeeq Stone

Aqeeq stone name comes from Sicily, Italy as a river known as Achetes River. First Aqeeq stones founded here. Today this river known as Dirillo aswell. Also in Arab language this river called as Wadi‑Ikrilu wihich means The River of Acrille.

Once people found and understand this gemstone value they started to use it on their jewels to carry with them and tried to found best Aqeeq stones at different worldwide locations. Today best Aqeeq Stones founds in Yemen and called as Yemeni Aqeeq. Due to benefits of Aqeeq Stone and it is limited supply some companies moved to China to found industrial production. This stones looks like Aqeeq but without any real value.

Since today for thousands of years Aqeeq have been used as gemstones on jewellery . They were some of the oldest gemstone fashioned by people. Today most common use of stone is in rings, pendants, tasbihs and other jewellery objects.

Benefits of Aqeeq Stone

Aqeeq stone has very important position in Islam. It is special gemstone for Muslims. As we know Mohammad Rasool Allah (S.A.W.) has ring which we posted in this content. This informations collected from Hadiths.

Why to Wear Aqeeq Stone Rings

Aqeeq is a very special stone in the Islam for Muslims. It is also important in other religions due to known as oldest gemstone and has been in use from the time of Hz. Adam. It is possible to find Aqeeq in different colors. Red, Green, White, milky white, yellow, black, and gray colors. Also it has more than hundred types. But most powerful Aqeeq stones are yemeni aqeeqs which is rare.

Yemeni Aqeeq has liver red color and comes from Yemen, which are very expensive and difficult to obtain. Today we are sorry to see some people sells Aqeeq stone rings as Yemeni over some websites as Ebay, Etsy etc… We are sorry to see that designs are stolen from us but used industrial non valuable Aqeeq stones on it. First of all if you are wearing Aqeeq stone rings because of its benefits, you should have real Aqeeq stone, which is not possible to find that price.

10 Benefits of Wearing Aqeeq Stone

  • Wearing Aqeeq Rings are creates joy in the heart and is good for the eye sight and it also helps eliminate depression, sadness and high tension anger. This stone absorbs the rays of the sun and passes absorbed stone to your body. Aqeeq stone is also good for your health, your fears and loneliness. It gives a sense of strength and courage.
  • As Islam, believes that there are mountains of Aqeeq in Heaven.These mountains shade the palaces of Holy Prophet Bibi Fatima and Imam Ali. Forever praising & glorifying Allah (SWT).
  • If you wear Aqeeq stone as a ring or any jeweller (to carry easily, you can also carry stone only), your Rizq (sustenance, income) will be increased. You will be protected from black magics, dangers and accidents. Aqeeq will also protect you from enemies.
  • The Holy Prophet of Islam Rasooallah has said whoever wears Aqeeq his wishes will be fulfilled. A hadith from Janabe Salman Farsi states that the last Prophet requested Imam Ali to wear a ring on the right hand so that he may be listed among the Muqarrabeen (those near to Allah). The Imam asked the Prophet as to whom the Muqarrabeen were, to which the Prophet replied Janabe Jibreel and Janabe Mikaiel. Then the Imam inquired as to which stone he should wear. The prophet replied Aqeeq Stone, as this liver red stone had accepted the Oneness of Allah, the Prophethood of the lat Prophet, and the vicegerency of Ali ibne Abi Talib.
  • For Aqeeq Stone; Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb has said wear Aqeeq on your rings, you will be blessed and will be saved from afflictions.
  • About Aqiq Stone; Imam Jaffar e Sadiq has said that a prayer with Aqeeq is 40 times better than one without.
  • For Aqiq; Imam Musa e Kazim said that it’s a great sawab to use tasbih of Aqeeq.
  • About Agate Stone; Imam Muhammad Taqi stated that Aqeeq takes away poverty and dissolves differences in ones heart.
  • For Yemeni Aqiq; Imam Muhammad Baqar has stated that if a person possesses a ring set in Aqeeq and turns in towards his palm and then looks at it, and recites Surah Qadr (chapter 97), then Allah keeps him protected the whole day from trouble, wherever they are descended from heaven or earth and he will be protected until the evening by Allah, and Allah’s friend who will guide him.
  • Imam Reza has said “Whoever wears a ring with an Aqeeq on it, firstly he will not become needy and secondly what God has destined for him, will be good.”

Where To Find REAL Aqeeq Stone

Aqeeq stone identification is little bit hard if you are not expert about gemstones. It is one of the most popular gemstone and this great stone wished to carry by many people. Due to high interest and low stocks for real aqeeq, people want to be sure of stone quality. If you want to identify your aqeeq stone we have some suggestions for you. We prepared article post for Aqeeq Stone Identification, you can check it from here. Also brand and prices can be guide for you to identify genuine aqeeq stone. Real aqeeq prices, which comes from Yemen are little bit expensive than other gemstones. Due to situation of Yemen sourcing and trading aqeeq is difficult. You may find lots of cheap or fake brands over internet and marketplaces for that stones. If you are looking Real Yemeni Aqeeq Stone rings you should go to approved vendor & brands.

Also it is not easy to understand a gemstone is real or not if it is settled in a ring. So if you are looking to buy real Aqeeq stone best way to go some well known brands. For this stone certificate from gemologist makes prices double or triple so because of that for this rings jewellers not able to provide certificate. In this terms best way to reach real Aqeeq stone is buying it from well known brands.

Boutique Ottoman Aqeeq Stone Supply

As Boutique Ottoman we are the most famous Aqeeq Stone supplier worldwide. Boutique Ottoman started to create handmade jewellery in 1970 at Istanbul and since 2012 started to sell pieces worldwide over website. Due to free worldwide shipping service, our customers orders real Aqeeq stones in ring or other jewellery directly from us without any risk. You can buy Aqeeq Stone Jewellery online from our website.

Type Of Aqeeq Stones

Aqeeq stones has different types due to its color and origin. Most famous aqeeq stones are Red Liver Aqeeqs which sources from Yemen. This stones also known as Yemeni Aqeeq. This stone

Green Aqeeq Stone is one of the other popular type of Aqeeq due to benefits. It has lots of benefits and helps mental balance and reduces stress. Green Aqeeq Stone will be good choice for if you want to be calm and happy.

Sulemani Aqeeq ones are totally different stones. It has own pattern and colors, some of them can be found as milky, brown, gray and white color. On market white onyx called as white aqeeq stone but they are not. White onyx doesn’t have same benefits with white aqeeq stone benefits. Because of that be carreful. If you want to wear white aqeeq stone for benefits we suggest you to check sulemani aqeeq ones. White aqeeq stone benefits are great and similar to Sulemani Aqeeq stone benefits. But it is rare. If you want to catch white aqeeq stone simply check our sulemani aqeeq stone collection every week/month. You can also add yourself to our e-mail lists to be informed for special stones.

Rules Of Wearing An Aqeeq Stone

Rules of Wearing An Aqeeq Stone is another important subject that people asking Boutique Ottoman Stone Experts. Actually there is no special rules to wear that great stone. It is suitable for everyone to wear everytime. The most important thing of wearing an aqeeq stone is should touch your skin. Because of best way to wear an aqeeq stone in ring which has open back or aqeeq stone pendant which has open back aswell. By this way stone can touch your skin and you can feel all benefits of aqeeq.

Red-Liver-Aqeeq-Pendant-Yemeni-Aqeeq-Pendant-925-Sterling-Silver-Handmade-2Aqeeq stones are important for Muslims. Especially if you search on google you can find Aqeeq Ring Shia or Aqeeq Ring Sunni articles on some websites. It is important to wear Aqeeq Ring for Shia and Sunni due to Aqeeq Stone Hadith. In this Hadith Prophet Mohammad Rasool Allah (S.A.W.) mentioned Aqeeq stone.

In this days aqeeq stone bracelets are also popular. Especially beaded aqeeq stone bracelet prefers by users because it touches skins directly. However best aqeeq stones always uses on rings and pendants. After that bracelets made with remaining pieces.

We have another questions from our customer as “In which finger to wearing aqeeq ring“. As we mentioned above there is no rule to where and how to wear aqeeq ring. There are two most important cases for Aqeeq stones;

1- Should be original one

2- Should touch your skin

If you want to learn answer of In which finger to wear aqeeq ring, simple answer is as you wish. You can feel benefits even you use as pendant.

Aqeeq Stone Price

Prices of aqeeq stone changes due to color, quality, rarity and origin. You may find lots of aqeeq rings over Ebay or Etsy with price of $40-$60 + free shipping 🙂 It is not realistic prices. Even they are in silver ring. Chinese fake red stones which also called as aqeeq at market are between $1-$2 per stone. On the other hand we see some companies selling aqeeq rings in silver in Ottoman designs (like our desings) for $70-90. This products also have same fake stones but they are trying to catch customers with designs.

Due to Yemen special situation real yemeni aqeeq stone prices about $80-120 for AAA grade stones. With handmade silver ring, yemeni aqeeq stone price between $120 – $200 due to color, size and design. If you wish you can check our Aqeeq Stone Rings with Prices from our collection.

If you have any question you can write here as comment! Our stone expert will reply to you.

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      • Nezamuddin Fazli says:

        Salamualaykum it is very good informations I am one of the person looking for Green yemany original Lyman haqeeq if you have any said 9:75 please offer me and send me the pictures thank you

  1. Said Hassan says:

    Your products are great! Stones are original aqeeq. I tried another sellers on other websites and yes you are right… they are selling fake aqeeq stones! Thank you very much again

    • admin says:

      Dear Ayesha;
      All of them has same benefits and all stones comes from same rock but different parts. I suggest you red or black one. Black ones also known as Onyx.

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      It will be delivered to address in a week. We are shipping via Express Courier which needs 2-3 days to deliver any order. Preparation of a product generally takes 48 hours.

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    Is it ok for a woman to wear a men’s design aqeeq ring?
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    I want to buy original RED Aqeeq Stone with ring, please suggest me which is the best,

    Please send me a price and details


    I have one Black Sulemani Hakik stone but its not transparent. Tell me exactly this is original or duplicate i am totally confused.

    • admin says:

      Black is hardest color to transport light. It also depends level of black as it is “natural stone” there is no standard rules about color.

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    Hello Admin,
    I have great interest in Yemen Aqeeq since I have been looking up on its benefits and learned quite a few positive conclusion of it based on the history of Islam. I am curious to know if the price that is displayed on this site includes the shipping costs (and other, maybe some form of tax?) as I am from Batam, Riau Islands in Indonesia. Please advice. Thank you!

    • Boutique Ottoman says:

      Due to natural stone we are not able to give carat informations however we are informing about sizes of stone.

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    Assalam O Alaikum , can you please tell if Emerold stone (green colour) , is from Aqeeq Family ?
    JazakAllah for reading.

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    I have started wearing Aqiq ring it’s color is milky white with small yellow patches in it, I like it so much but I observe it makes me fall into unnecessary fights, I really don’t know what should I do, I like the ring but can’t keep it for long, can you please help

  11. Mohamed Akbar says:

    Dear sir I wanted to purchase a the aqeeq ring for men but living in Italy I need the size of my finger but the problem r the size for how u can get the size of my finger and also I’m born in January 27 may hve it conflict on the day of birth

    • Boutique Ottoman says:

      Dear Mohamed,
      We ship worldwide via express courrier and shipping is free of charge. We are able to do any size if you want to find your ring size please check page or contact us via Whatsapp. We don’t have birth stone locate service however once you find you can choose stone from our shop.

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    Also can anyone wear aqeeq or do you have to go by date of birth

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    AsSalamu Aleykum. I fell in love with your two sword style aqeeq rings. But I can’t decide between green and red….. I like green so much I think it look a little bit more beautiful. But I couldn’t find any hadith about green aqeeq. Only about red yellow and white. Do you know any hadith about green aqeeq ? Or could you grant me some more informations about green aqeeq benefits ? Thank you so much your rings are amazing.

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