Filigree Silver Turquoise Handmade Ring
Savoy Collection Feroza Turquoise Hand Engraver Silver Ring -1
Traditional Iranian Ferooza Handmade Silver Ring
Square Feroza Turquoise Classic Silver Men Ring
Square Feroza Pinky Finger Ring - 1
$ 45
Ela Collection Turquoise Silver Ring
Raw Collection Hand Engraver Turquoise Ring
Rare Iranian Turquoise Ferooza Handmade Ring-1
Ferooza and Marcasite Designer Ring
$ 105 $ 78
Round Blue Ferooza Stone Ring Hand Engraver SilverRound Blue Ferooza Stone Ring Hand Engraver Silver
Claw Of Falcon Turquoise Silver Ring
$ 120 $ 85
Big Size Blue Ferooza Oval Turquoise Silver Classic Ring
Classic Ferooza Men Ring
$ 119
Micro Detailed Turquoise Feroza Men Ring
Square Modern Turquoise Feroza Ring
$ 75
Classic Ferooza Silver Men RingsOval Feroza Stone Silver Ring
$ 150
Turquoise Tulip Ring
$ 140
Blue Aqeeq Pinky Finger Ring BOM-3058-2-a
Round Turquoise Ferooza Men RingRound Turquoise Ferooza Men Ring
Ferooza Ring in 925 Sterling Silver
Firoza Stone Men Ring
$ 110
Feroza Silver Handmade Women Ring
Silver Turquoise Sun Necklace

Necklaces & Pendants

Silver Turquoise Sun Necklace

$ 85
Huyam Sultana Kazaz Necklace With Turquoise
Turquoise Silver Pendant

Necklaces & Pendants

Turquoise Silver Pendant

$ 88
Silver Ivory Turquoise Filled Tasbeeh Misbaha
Feroza Stone and Onyx Stone Prayer Beads
$ 200