Filigree Silver Turquoise Handmade Ring
Savoy Collection Feroza Turquoise Hand Engraver Silver Ring -1
Traditional Iranian Ferooza Handmade Silver Ring
Square Feroza Turquoise Classic Silver Men Ring
Square Feroza Pinky Finger Ring - 1
Ela Collection Turquoise Silver Ring
Raw Collection Hand Engraver Turquoise Ring
Ferooza and Marcasite Designer Ring
 95  71
Round Blue Ferooza Stone Ring Hand Engraver SilverRound Blue Ferooza Stone Ring Hand Engraver Silver
Claw Of Falcon Turquoise Silver Ring
 109  77
Big Size Blue Ferooza Oval Turquoise Silver Classic Ring
Classic Ferooza Men Ring

All Silver Rings

Classic Ferooza Men Ring

Micro Detailed Turquoise Feroza Men Ring
Square Modern Turquoise Feroza Ring
Classic Ferooza Silver Men RingsOval Feroza Stone Silver Ring
Turquoise Tulip Ring
Round Turquoise Ferooza Men RingRound Turquoise Ferooza Men Ring
Ferooza Ring in 925 Sterling Silver
Firoza Stone Men Ring
Feroza Silver Handmade Women Ring
Silver Turquoise Sun Necklace

Necklaces & Pendants

Silver Turquoise Sun Necklace

Huyam Sultana Kazaz Necklace With Turquoise
Turquoise Silver Pendant

Necklaces & Pendants

Turquoise Silver Pendant

Silver Ivory Turquoise Filled Tasbeeh Misbaha
Feroza Stone and Onyx Stone Prayer Beads
Feroza Stone Turquoise Prayer Beads