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Mens Onyx Rings


Mens Onyx Rings Men’s Onyx Rings are one of the most popular jewelry for men due to color of onyx. Onyx can be found in different colors however most popular one is the black color onyx stones. Because of its snob black color, it is the most preferred stone for men. In this guide we will give you […]

Dur Al Najaf

Original Dur Al Najaf Silver Men Ring

Dur Al Najaf Gemstone Dur Al Najaf guide will answer all of your questions about this special gemstone. We prepared this guide to help you for below questions about Dur Al Najaf Stone; What is Dur Al Najaf stone? What is the origin of Dur Al Najaf stone? How and where to find original dur […]

Aquamarine Gemstone

• Chakra correspondences: Throat, third eye; cleanses and aligns all chakras • Physiological correspondences: Jaw, eyes, liver, throat, thyroid and pituitary glands, hormonal production, growth processes, immune system • Vibration: High LEGENDARY POWER Described in antiquity as “a thousand leagues of sunlit sea imprisoned in a cup,” Aquamarine’s color and strength come from iron. The […]

How to Understand Genuine Aqeeq

Aqeeq Stone has lots of mental and physical benefits that we expained at Aqeeq Stone post. Due to this stone perfect powers it is one of the popular gemstone in Jewelry world. However because of big demand and limited sources (especially currently situation of Yemen) there are lots of fake sellers at market. In this […]

Red Liver Aqeeq

Genuine Red Liver Stone Ring

Red Liver Aqeeq also known as red liver agate is one of the most popular gemstone which used at rings and other jewelry pieces. In this article we will guide you about benefits of red liver aqeeq, color tonnes of red aqeeq, where to find red liver aqeeq and other detailed informations for red liver […]