Aqeeq Stone has lots of mental and physical benefits that we expained at Aqeeq Stone post. Due to this stone perfect powers it is one of the popular gemstone in Jewelry world. However because of big demand and limited sources (especially currently situation of Yemen) there are lots of fake sellers at market. In this article we will try to help you guide to avoid from fake aqeeq stone sellers.

If you check internet to find answer for “How to Detect Real Aqeeq” or “How to understand real aqeeq” you will find lots of videos or articles about that. If you are boring and need some fun you can find lots of funny techniques at there. Some of them uses lighters, others uses mobile phone lights!! 🙂 Unbelievable!

Aqeeq known as gemstone like other gemstones and they are called as semi-precious gemstones. And non of precious or semi-precious gemstone couldn’t be tested with mobile phone flash light or lighter. This is an old tactic founded by fake sellers to persuasion buyers as their fake stones are real. Generally they are showing two type of stones to compare light pass. Please don’t believe them. Today GIA or other regular Gemstone Laboratories investing over $2,000,000.00 for their industrial equipments and machines. So if they can detect real gemstones with phone lights why they need to make investments for this equipments. As well as how they can open laboratories if everybody can test by self with lighter or mobile phone light at home.

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How to Detect Real Gemstones?

aqeeq test-1

If you need to detect real gemstones first of all please be sure of that you can not do at home with your lighter or mobile phone lights. All gemstones has same standard tests to detect it is real or not. And each gemstone has own special deep tests to understand quality, origin and type.

Standard tests for all gemstones as below:

  • Hardness Test
  • Light Effect Analysis
  • Microscopic Analysis
  • Color Analysis
  • Spectral Analysis

After that results a gemologist can give an accurate and certain information for gemstone originality. They are standard tests and if need more information about origin and quality need to apply phase 2 tests which changes due to each type of gemstones.

How to find Real Gemstones?

As a result it is not possible to understand by yourself if a stone is real or not. However you can still buy real gemstone jewelry with below rules;

  • Don’t Buy From Ebay – Etsy or Other Marketplaces: Marketplaces are good to find something with cheapest price. Competition is very high at there because you don’t need any qualification to sell at there. Marketplaces like Ebay or Etsy prepares everything for you. So you just need to put picture of product, write some description and price. Thats all. Because of that most of home based sellers as well as people who wants to make additional income at there. However there are lots of sellers and lots of competition. Sellers at there trying to give you best prices. So they don’t have another chance to sell you fake or low-quality products to make some profit. Also they don’t have any care about reputation because they are not brand. If they will get lots of bad feedbacks they will close that account and open a new one. Simple like that. However you are looking for Jewelry. Jewelry must be high quality. It is nature of Jewels. So Ebay – Kindgom of Fake – is not for you.
  • Prices Are Important: From the beginning of trade high quality products are expensive than low quality ones. Prices should be a guide for you if you are not expert. For jewelry, it is precious pieces. So it is simple. If someone asking for $50 and other $150 there should be a difference.
  • Pay At Door Service Offers: If a company offers you to pay at door, you can be sure of that you will not get good quality products. Today if you want to offer your customer Visa / Mastercard payment, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay you should be a legal company and make agreement with this payment processors and give them warranty for refunds. However if a company offers you to pay at door service it means you will not see item before cash payment to courrier and sign documents. After that signature if you find low quality product you don’t have anyone to complain. Cargo company will tell you that “I am sorry but I entered system as package delivered, because you have a signature. And I have to pay amount to sender.” And yes they are right. They don’t have anything to do. So if a company offers you pay at door, probably they are selling fake products. Nobody send their precious jewelry before get payment. It is Jewelry which is no different than cash money.
  • Pictures of Products: Some internet sellers doesn’t use their own pictures because they don’t have their own pictures, even they don’t have products. You can be sure of that they don’t have good quality pieces at their inventory. They are just putting images and if someone will buy they will find cheapest at market and send you. So this products doesn’t have real gemstones of course. Be sure of that product pictures has logo and not studio (photoshop) shots.
  • Buy From Brand: Brands has responsibilities. Reputations are most important for brands. Sellers at marketplaces doesn’t care for branding because their targets to sell and get some profits for today, not future. However brands wants to keep their names for long years. That means brands gives you warranty not only for their terms & conditions also for their reputations. Marketplace sellers just wait to pass allowed return dates.




5 thoughts on “How to Understand Genuine Aqeeq

  1. Ayesha siddiqa says:

    Can i get an red aqeeq ring in Bangladesh? If yes
    What would be The total cost and how Could i pay?

    • Boutique Ottoman says:

      You can order online. We have free worldwide express shipping. You can pay via Credit / Debit card, PayPal or Amazon Pay.

  2. Hammad says:

    How much will be for the aqeeq and how am I going to be sure if it’s original or no ?
    Please reply me as soon as s you can I really looking for right supplier

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