Exclusive Men Jewelry collection by Boutique Ottoman. Classic silver men rings, gemstone rings, Islamic rings and tasbih collection specially for men. All exclusive parts of Ottoman Empire Classic Men Jewelry by Boutique Ottoman online shop.

Filigree Amber Silver Handmade Ring
Savoy Collection Yellow Amber Hand Engraver Silver Ring-1
Craft Collection Silver Amber Handicraft Ring-1
Raw Collection Hand Engraver Amber Ring BOM-3039-5-a
Classic Amber Men RingAmber Stone Classic Silver Men Ring
$ 119
Amber Ring in 925 Sterling Silver
$ 109
yellow amber handmade men ring
blue stone silver ring
red amber silver men ring
blue made silver men ring
Hand Made Silver Man Ring Half Amber Ivy
Akinci Heraldry Collection Green Amber Ring
Crescent Star Amber Ring

All Silver Rings

Crescent Star Amber Ring

$ 167
Amber Stone Silver Elif Vav Ring
Oval Amber Silver Men Ring
$ 140