Red Liver Aqeeq also known as red liver agate is one of the most popular gemstone which used at rings and other jewelry pieces. In this article we will guide you about benefits of red liver aqeeq, color tonnes of red aqeeq, where to find red liver aqeeq and other detailed informations for red liver aqeeq. Aqeeq stone or agate stone is a kind of silica stone, which can be found in different colors as red liver aqeeq, green aqeeq, yellow aqeeq and black aqeeq. Also blue aqeeq is very rare one which is not able to find easily.

Red Liver Aqeeq stones generally found at Yemen and called as Yemeni Red Liver Aqeeq. And this type of stones has great benefits for human. Also red liver aqeeq is so important in Islam. Because as known Prophet Mohammad Rasool Allah (S.A.V.) used red liver aqeeq stone.

What is Red Liver Aqeeq Stone?

Red Liver Aqeeq Stone
Red Liver Aqeeq Stone

Red Liver Aqeeq stone is a kind of aqeeq which has red dark or brown color. It is called as liver aqeeq because color tonne of stone is similar to liver color. Actually there are lots of factors effects color tonne of red aqeeq. Due to light source, thickness of stone and back side of ring determinate color tone of stone. Yemeni aqeeq stones generally in red liver color.

Original Red Liver Aqeeq Stone

There are many sellers at market for red liver aqeeq due to it is very popular stone. However like all popular things red liver aqeeq has lots of fake ones which are threaded or heated ones. Also some of them are even not aqeeq stone. As we mentioned before at our old article about Aqeeq Stone if you are looking for genuine red liver aqeeq stone it is not possible to find at marketplaces like Etsy or Ebay. We see that people tried to sell fake stones at this marketplaces for $60-$80 range in silver ring with free shipping 🙂 . Some of them are trying to proof their stone quality with phone lights 🙂 Really interesting… Because become a gemologist needs to study about 4-6 years.

Liver Aqeeq Rings Shop


So how do you understand if red liver aqeeq is genuine and original? 

If you want to buy real red liver aqeeq stone you should buy it from a brand with warranty. Also price of product determinate authentication of stone. Red Liver Yemeni Aqeeq is one of the most famous gemstone for long time and it has limited sources. So only real stone prices starting from $80-$100 + ring body + silver + craft + shipping costs… We suggest you to buy liver aqeeq stone from a company with warranty, not from marketplace sellers or home based non-professional sellers which will give you no warranty.This type of sellers generally tried to make additional incomes for themselves and because of that profit margin is more important than brand reputation. And because of that generally they are selling fake stones to make more sales and maximum profit. Please be informed about that, as online stone we don’t want anyone faced with fraud.

On below picture you can see fake stones. They are even not aqeeq and prices at market about $1-2 per stones for ring manufacturers. It is not easy for you to understand if they are real or not if you are not expert or if you don’t have industrial tools to check. Please avoid from fraud sellers…

Fake Red Liver Aqeeq Stones
Fake Red Liver Aqeeq Stones

Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq Stone

There are many mental and physical benefits of red liver aqeeq stone. From ancient times this stones known as symbol of “heart” and it has sacred things. It is known as protection stone from evil eye. Also believed as gives good luck to carrier. It gives wealth and helps to solve problems positively. It protects from physical and spiritual harms.

Protective Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq:

Red liver aqeeq stone protects you from harms and dangers. Most of famous people wears or carries red liver aqeeq stone to protect themselfs from dangers. Also it protects from evil eye.  Boutique Ottoman provides red liver aqeeq stone worldwide since 1972 and many times we informed from our customers about protective feedbacks. Some of our customers informed us that stone is cracked suddenly, some of our customers thanks us because protect himself from traffic accident without any harm. Some of our customers informed us about end of bad dreams.

Creative and Art Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq:

You may see that some of art designers or creative job owners like architects wears red liver aqeeq stones or uses red liver agate on their projects.  Power of red aqeeq helps to improve creative minds, imagination and concentration. If your job needs creative mind red liver agate may helps you for success of your business.

Mental Effects of Red Liver Aqeeq:

This miracle stone helps you to become stable and calm. Stone helps you to become calm and stable. If you have a problem about anxiety it will suite for you. Because Red Liver Agate stone has stable structure color. If stone has strips they are also not sharp. So aqeeq is smooth and quiet stone.

Red Liver Aqeeq and Evil Eye:

From ancient times, Red Liver Aqeeq has been worn as protective amulet. It is very important gemstone in Islam to protect yourself from bad eyes. If you have success, money and power, some of other people may wants to become like you. When they wish like you they may send you negative energy. This is called as evil eye. Red Aqeeq collects that bad energy on stone for wearer and helps you to protect from bad eye energy. Some customers reported to crack on stone suddenly without any hit or touch. This happens from bad eye energy.

Red Liver Aqeeq for Good Luck:

This stone or red liver aqeeq rings generally carried to have good luck. If you want to overcome difficulty or an unlucky year we suggest you to carry this stone with you. By using Red Liver Aqeeq rings, you would have the power to get over a crisis. It would give the owner courage and will to solve the problem.

Red Liver Aqeeq and Wealth:

Sometimes you do everything right, but unfortunately you will have loss. Red aqeeq is a miracle stone to cover that situation. Due to its luck and bad eye protective benefits, it helps you for wealth and power. You can protect yourself from bad eyes, improve your wealth with stable mind and get luck in your business life with red liver aqeeq stone rings.

Red Liver Aqeeq for Relationship:

Liver Aqeeq makes you quite and calm so gives emotional power and strength. It also known as to create strong relationship with partners. Red Aqeeq increasing the energy of love. It will fill your body with emotional power and love. Especially for men, red liver aqeeq improves men strength. New married couples generally wears red aqeeq for long lasting marriage. If you have any issue for making baby wearing liver aqeeq stone will help you. You need to carry it about a month to get this strenght.

Healing Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq:

Red Liver Aqeeq also uses for healing. If you have illness it can help. Known healing benefits of red aqeeq as below;

  • Insomnia: If you have difficulty with sleeping Red Aqeeq will help you
  • Stomach Aches: It will help to remove pain
  • Tooth and Gum Pain
  • Man Power: If you have issue or need more power it helps.

Red Liver Aqeeq and Islam:

Red Liver Aqeeq Stone in Islam
Red Liver Aqeeq Stone in Islam

Red Liver Aqeeq stone is very important for Muslims. It is significent stone in Islam and sunnah for all Muslims. Our Prophet Mohammad Rasool Allah (S.A.V.) used red liver aqeeq stone ring. Today worldwide Muslims wearing red aqeeq stone rings to follow our Prophet. Not only for men also for women it is very important to wear or carry that kind of stone jewelry. Since it is very popular of course there are lots of fake selles on internet for this stone. Please be awake.

We will try to give you detailed information about Red Aqeeq Stone. If you want to have one you are welcome to our shop for Red Agate products.

Hope this guide will help you and avoid from fake aqeeq sellers.


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  1. Hamzhan Khan says:

    I bought red liver aqeeq from etsy. A seller from jordan known as Abu******Jewelry. I paid $80 for ring. Once i receive ring i see that it is not even stone!! Its plastic. I want my money back but they refuse to refund. I hope to see this page before shop from them 🙁

    • Boutique Ottoman says:

      I am sorry to hear that. Please share that post to inform your friends too. We are sorry but we have to hide other company names due to our policy.

  2. Mohammad Saalma says:

    I bought Red Liver Yemeni Aqeeq Hand Made Ring from your site 2 months ago. Thank you very much real stones really have benefits. May Allah rewards you.

  3. Hussain says:

    Does the stone of the aqeeq rings touch the skin when worn as in they are not sealed from the sliver part of the ring?

  4. Hussain says:

    Does the aqeeq stone touch the skin on your rings or is it sealed by the silver? Also am I able to purchase just the stone from you?

  5. Skmehbub says:

    I wants to know which color aqeeq is more beneficial for education, career, protection from enemies as well as black magic

  6. Charlie Flores Martinez says:

    I received my authentic red yemeni aqeeq ring today and I have never seen something so beautiful.I have been carrying fake aqeeq rings all my life until I found your company on the internet.Thank you so much and Im definitely buying again.Jazakh’Allah Khair

    • Boutique Ottoman says:

      Our products are handmade and made to order. We ship worldwide via Express Courrier. Shipping is free of charge. You order online only.

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