Turkish Jewelry is one of the style at Jewelry World. This style is directly called as “Turkish Jewelry“. In this content we will inform you about history, culture and all details about Turkish Jewelry.

The Turkish Jewelry word means a jewelry which is made in Turkey by Turkish Jewelry Masters with classic jewelry designing methods. Due to size of market and center of jewelry world in Istanbul Grand Bazaar you can also find factory made jewelry in Turkey. But this style known as Italian Jewelry.


Turkish Jewelry has their own style and oftenly made with shining gemstones like

Handmade Hurrem Sultan Ring
Handmade Hurrem Sultan Ring

Agate, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye. Also the color of metal will never shines so much. To show drawing details used black rhodium plating to show details. This type of darkness also will give authentic look on jewelry which is must for classic jewelry style.

Most famous stones are Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire for Women’s Turkish Jewelry. For Men’s Turkish Jewelry is Aqeeq (Agate), Ferooza (Turquoise) and Tiger’s Eye stones. There are no so much options for Men’s Jewelry Collection in Turkish Jewelry because jewelry culture of Ottomans. So if you are looking for Really Classic Style Rings for Men, Turkish Men Rings will be your first choice.


The second Turkish Men Jewelry is Tasbeeh, which mades by 33 or 99 beads. It is also known by other cultures as Worry Beads, Rosary, Prayer Beads etc. On this type jewelry most famous gemstone is Amber which one is very limited quantity worldwide. And also stone quality will be better time by time.

Dark Red Amber Oval Cut Tasbih With Kazaz Imame
Dark Red Amber Oval Cut Tasbih With Kazaz Imame

Tasbih is one of the best combination with your rings because both of them carry in hand. Also it is not used for pray only it is also good toy for men to busy hands. If you believe gemstones power it is touching your skin by hands when you are playing.

The Grand Bazaar Jewelry Turkey

Conventional garments and finery present appreciable details about the workings of a society. Garments point out whether or not societies are settled or nomadic, and are a supply of details about historic occasions and ethnological origins. For instance, in Yöruk or Turkoman villages, one can inform whether or not a girl is engaged, married or a widow from the best way through which she does her hair. From the earliest instances, garments worn inside a tribe would outline an individual’s social standing. Greater than an obligation, this was an understanding carried on by custom.

Each day, work and special occasion garments are totally different. Hair types throughout a marriage and after the bridal chamber differ. In markets, it’s straightforward to determine which village folks reside in simply from their garments.

Immediately in Anatolia, there are variations even between the clothes worn in numerous neighborhoods of the identical village. It’s due to this fact inadvisable for the artwork historian, sociologist, people dance arranger or designer to talk when it comes to “Conventional Turkish costume.” Analysis led by sociologists from the People Tradition Analysis and Growth Normal Directorate of the Ministry of Tradition has revealed that Anatolia possesses a variety of clothes.

Belly dancing may be very common in Turkey. It’s a very outdated artwork kind nonetheless loved by Turks of all courses and ages. It could be the descendant of historical Anatolian fertility dances. Stomach dance costumes out there within the Grand Bazaar encompass head scarf, Turkish/Arabic vest, adorned bra, separate sleeves, hipband and circle skirt. Clothes are historically adorned with imitation cash.

Together with embroidery utilized in conventional costumes, jewelry can also be generally used as an adjunct. The idea of the evil eye is widespread, and one can observe many amulets to ward it off in peoples’ garments and hair. All of the civilizations which have existed in Anatolia have produced inventive works comprised of valuable or semi-precious stones and steel. Turkoman jewelry is a wonderful instance of authentic strategies that had been delivered to Anatolia by the Seljuks. Within the Ottoman interval, jewelry gained significance in parallel to the event of the empire.


The court docket information relationship from 1526 point out that there have been 90 jewellery artizans within the service of the Sultan. The artwork of Ottoman jewellery making reached its peak within the 16th century, with gold and treasured stones utilized not solely to wearable jewellery but in addition to articles of on a regular basis objects akin to bookcovers, utencils, weapons and so on. utilizing quite a lot of supplies akin to leather-based, ivory, glass, bone, mother-of-pearl, horn, wooden and metals akin to zinc.

Ottoman jewellery needed to be ornate and intensely vibrant. Jewellers used quite a lot of metals so as to style a chunk of bijou, which is the primary distinction from European jewellery the place the identical metallic is repeated. One other function of Ottoman jewellery is that as a substitute of strict symmetry, the character of the stone and metallic are given prominence. As an illustration, the pure traits of a ruby and emerald mirror the Ottoman function of bijou. Jewellery was produced within the palace or in workshops elsewhere. Ottoman jewellery was designed utilizing pure motifs which mirrored the prevailing tastes. Because the varieties of stones and the mines elevated through the growth of the Empire, jewellery manufacturing elevated additionally. From the 18th century onwards, Western tendencies led to an exaggerated enhance within the measurement of bijou.

Aigrettes have been used each by the Sultan and notable girls of the Harem. It was the image of energy due to its form and look. It’s recognized that Sultans gave the dear aigrettes as presents or as awards to sure people. Jewelled aigrettes additionally enhanced the heads of horses throughout equestrian ceremonies. They attracted consideration with their easy floral or drop designs and mirrored the brightness of the dear gems on them. In later durations, the aigrettes have been large. In portraits the sultans normally wore one aigrette however typically they wore three. Girls wore a couple of aigrette however typically they put one on their brow and one other on the again of their head.

Pins have been essential items of bijou in girls’s head ornaments. These ornaments have been pinned to crests or put straight on the hair or typically they have been placed on the brooches of attire. The “Titrek” or “Zenberekli” are typical Ottoman pins which dangle with every transfer of the physique. Motifs from nature such because the tulip, rose, violet, floral bouquet, fowl, butterfly and bee are largely utilized in this sort of jewellery. Jewellery with flower motifs was used on the hair.

Earrings have been broadly used for hundreds of years. They’ve many shapes from small pearl drops to lengthy dangling ones. They’ve an essential place in Turkish jewellery as a result of they emphasised the great thing about the coiffure and gown of Ottoman girls. Earrings are categorised in accordance with how they dangle: the double dangling ones “pay-i çift” include three drops known as the “üç ayakli”, (three toes).

The straightforward gold bangles aren’t solely thought-about to be jewellery however are purchased as an funding to be transformed into money by their house owners every time wanted. The ladies of the Ottoman Palace purchased these bracelets infrequently. There are numerous different kinds of bracelets which girls favoured such because the twisted sort. Signet rings encrusted with treasured gems like rubies, emeralds and semi-precious germs like carnelian, amythest and jade have been favoured by Ottoman girls. They wore them on a number of fingers. Solitares and rose formed diamond rings and ‘divanhane çivisi’ which has another diamond layer across the rose formed ring are Ottoman ring kinds. The “Dinahane çivisi” motif is shaped by continuous rows of diamonds round one massive diamond on the high. This design was utilized in bracelets and necklaces. It was utilized in silver and gold rings, too. They’re depicted within the works of the late 18th and early 19th century well-known painters Konstantin Kapidagli and Antoine de Favray.

Chokers and lengthy necklaces have been utilized by Ottoman girls. Gold cash have been strung on lengthy gold or silver chains or on a string of pearls. Such necklaces have been worn by wealthy girls. The 18th century British Ambassador in Istanbul wrote that Hafize Sultan, the spouse of Sultan Mustafa II, wore a string of pearls all the way down to her knees with a diamond as massive as a turkey egg and two strings of emeralds. .

Jewelled golden, silver, crystal, mother-of-pearl or ivory belts have been the important equipment of the Ottoman girl. Belt buckles with floral or geometric motifs embellished with diamonds, rubies, turquoise, and emeralds have been typically worn on the waist and different occasions over the hips.

Where To Find High Quality Turkish Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the special and successful sector at Turkey. Today most of people searching and using especially Turkish Jewelry because of unique design. Also Turkish Jewelry can be found at amazon or other marketplaces as separated section. At Istanbul, Grand Bazaar you can find special, unique designer shops for Turkish Jewelry as well as you can find lots of Wholesale Turkish Jewelry Supplies  at there. It may be same style but if you want unique one we can suggest you handmade Turkish Jewelry instead of Wholesale Turkish Jewelry Supplies designs. Because this products generally made with machines. Otherwise it couldn’t sell as wholesale.

Evil Eye is one of the most popular amulet for Turkish Jewelry. You can find lots of evil eye Turkish Jewelry which includes blue, white sometimes yellow stones. Turkish Jewelry Evil Eye uses as protection from negative energy and bad eyes on you.

If you are looking for High Quality Turkish Jewelry we can suggest you to choose handmade jewels from Turkey. Turkish jewellers likes to use gemstones on jewels. Well experienced Turkish Jewellers also expert as gemstones. So they can identify real and fake stones. Because most famous style is Turkish Stone Jewelry as Turkish jewels.

Turkish Bridal Jewelry is one of the other style however because of Turkish Stone Jewelry famous they can be used as bridal jewelry. Most of people chooses Turkish Stone Jewelry as Turkish Bridal Jewelry for their weddings.

It generally depends what you are looking for. If you want high quality Turkish Jewelry you should go for famous Turkish Jewellers handmade products and catalogs. Thanks to our worldwide customers and well experienced jewellers Boutique Ottoman is the most famous Turkish Silver Jewelry brand worldwide for Handmade and gemstone products.

You can check our collection and select your fine handmade Turkish Jewelry.


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