Amber Tasbih and Prayer Beads

Tasbih is most common hand product and accessory with different names as Tasbeeh, Misbaha, Sibha, Sipha, Prayer Beads or Rosary.

It has lots of names because it was used and still using by different cultures. Main reason to use Tasbih is counting or doing Zikr. Because of that Muslims generally uses 99 beads tasbih or 33 beads tasbih (3 times).

Ottoman Amber Tasbih
Ottoman Historical Amber Tasbih by Otto Beads

Tasbih is still must have product and most of people has more than one tasbeeh due to different color, style, shape and material. And most preferred material for tasbih is amber. Because amber has lots of benefits as well as it changes color and get darker.

Boutique Ottoman started to manufacture Amber Tasbeeh and gets very good feedback from customers since 2004. We sold more than 25000 pieces to worldwide and most of customers from Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait for Tasbeeh.

The biggest issue with Amber Tasbih is finding great material to create this nice pieces. Also needs great experience to create it because Amber Tasbeeh beads is 100% hand made products. Our well experienced tasbeeh masters still using Ottoman techniques which is heritages to us from our grandfathers.

After that good impression we decided to give better service to our worldwide customers and creates Otto Beads online Tasbeeh store which allows you to select all details and find exact tasbih for your request.

Otto Beads Tasbih Shop

Otto Beads Tasbih Shop

Otto Beads website designed specially for Tasbih shopping online. You can choose material of beads as amber, silver, gemstone (turquoise, Ferooza, Aqiq, onyx etc.), tassle type of tasbeeh, shape of prayer beads and count of beads.  Also you can filter by colours. All products at our online store under Boutique Ottoman warranty and manufactured by licensed Boutique Ottoman Tasbeeh Masters. We have free worldwide shipping for all online orders via DHL Express and delivery takes 2-3 days to any worldwide destinations. All tasbeeh pictures are taken by us and you will see exactly what you get because we have only 1 pieces for each product. All tassels made by 925 sterling silver or 1000 ct. sterling silver which is also produced by Boutique Ottoman workshops with special Kazaz Technique.

We were working on that project for last 10 months and we opened our shop to our worldwide customers with beginning of Ramadan. Now you have 25% discount on Otto Beads website with code of RAMADAN.

We suggest you to hurry up for shopping with that great opening prices, plus Ramadan discount to meet with your next perfect tasbeeh/misbaha.

Benefits of Amber Tasbih

Amber is great material to touch all day. It is soft stone and suitable to touch all day. Also Amber changes color after you use. Old amber tasbeeh has better colours than new ones. When you start to use your tasbeeh you will first realise shining of your misbaha in a week. After month you will realise that color will turn darker. Because of that old amber is more valuable than new ambers. You can find also old historical ottoman amber tasbih at Otto Beads shop which are for collectors.

Shipping Your Misbaha Order

Otto Beads ships your order to your address via DHL Express with special Tasbih box. You can gift to anyone aswell with that box. Delivery tasbeeh to USA takes 3 days, Canada 3 Days, United Kindom 2 Days, Europe 2 Days and Middle East areas, GCC Countries, United Arab Emirates, Doha, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia takes 3 days. We are shipping any worldwide destination and our maximum delivery period is 4 days for far places. All misbaha orders ships via DHL Express to any worldwide destinations without any limitation. You will get tracking information in 24 hours and you will be able to track your order online from DHL Express website.


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    I have purchased 2 Sibha from OttoBeads which is part of Boutique Ottoman as I guess .
    I sent 2 emails trying to get an update on my order #16108 and 16109 and no reply .
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