Agate, member of chalcedony family, is seen in many colors and a band. According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, agate?s hardness is 7. Agate may have many different colors and texture according to the process conditions. It took its name from the Archates River in Sicily. 3000 years ago in Sicily where the river today, colored agatların “Dirillo” is called.

Many agate is found in nodules in volcanic rocks. Altough agate is one of the most common stones, it has been always one of the most popular stones because of the diversity in the distribution of color. The most known color is fire red for agate. Altough being rare in nature, black, white, blue, gren, yellow, orange and Brown colors are also present.

Agate stone increases love, fertility, wealth, luck, longevity balance and strength. All types of agate is an excellent energy saver and they improve the analytical capabilities. Agate is considered as “Power Stone”. It reduces stress, gives physical strengthen and improves courage. It is believed to protect energy loss.

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