Vintage Silver

Vintage” is one of the most popular fashion term in recent years. This term firstly used for winemaking process and it used to specify wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year.

Today Vintage is used to specify classic and old style fashion trends. It is also used for jewellry to specify classic style jewels at market. It means jewelry designs which designed and inspired from 1700’s.

Vintage Silver
Vintage Silver Pendant

Most of Vintage Jewelry made by 925 sterling silver. Silver has great old style color and because of that prefered by customers. It has also nice combination with green emerald, ruby or sapphire stones. Especially for vintage silver rings, vintage silver necklaces, vintage silver bracelets or vintage silver earrings Boutique Ottoman one of the most famous online jewelry shop worldwide.

Most of our customers from United Kingdom, United States and Canada for vintage style jewels. Our designs are inspired from one of the most powerful Emperor which is Ottoman Emperor. Boutique Ottoman designs are made by hand in Istanbul Turkey from 925 carat sterling silver.

Today thanks to our heritages from Ottoman Emperor, Boutique Ottoman is one of the most famous vintage silver jewelry designer worldwide. From our shop you can place your order online. With free worldwide express shipping you are only one click away to world’s most famous Vintage Style Silver Jewelry from all around world.


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