Silver Women’s Watches

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Silver is a type of metal used for jewelry making. It is called as sterling silver or 925 silver which means 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper compound.

What is Marcasite Stone?

Marcasite is a jewelry stone type which made from pyrite (fool’s gold). This stones setting as a small pieces of pyrite into silver. It is used at luxury jewelry such as hand made silver watches. It gives shine look to jewels from each angle.

Silver Women’s Watches by Boutique Ottoman

BWW-0051-Handmade-Silver-Watch-1Boutique Ottoman provides high end silver women’s watches to worldwide customers. Thanks to our jewelers perfect fine craft Boutique Ottoman is one of the most famous brand at Silver Women’s Watch worldwide. Our various type of classic silver watch models made from 925 sterling silver and used marcasite stones.  They can be used as a watch or luxury classic silver bracelet for special days.

World’s Most Famous Classic Silver Watches

BWW-0047-Handmade-Silver-Watch-1Boutique Ottoman Watches known as “most famous silver women watches brand” worldwide. Our products made by 925 silver which is also known as sterling silver. On this watches used mostly marcasite stones but as well as some of silver watches models contains pearl, emerald and ruby stones.



Fashion Editor Note:

If you are looking for a gift someone who is special for you, Boutique Ottoman Classic Silver Women’s Watches is a good option for you. Check our Silver Women’s Watch Collection.


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