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Ring and Jewelry has wide price variations at market. At this article we will explain you what determinates prices of jewelery, especially rings. It is also common question from our customers and they are right. First of all we should start with explain differences between jewelry and bijouterie. Jewelry made with real materials such as gold, silver etc. by hand with real gemstones like aqeeq, ruby, emerald, etc. However bijouteries same look with fake materials, generally made with plated metals and glasses or plastic stones.

E-Commerce started at 2000’s and in our life for long time. Today most of people buying their inquires over internet. You can find everything and buy directly over internet. But the problem is quality since you are not able to see products while shopping. Another issue is, sellers are so relaxed to sell fake products over net since you are not able to contact them face to face. So they can easily gives wrong information for fake products. Their calculations are only return rate. On the other hand if they offer you pay at door – cash on delivery etc… no returns!

In this article we will give you detailed information to detect fake jewels. By this way you can protect you that kind of fake sellers.


If a company offers you pay at door or cash on delivery options you can be sure of that you will not get real or valuable products. If you check high quality brands or gold sellers over internet you can not find any shop who offers pay at door for their valuable products. If a company offers pay at door it means product is very low quality and sellers just throw their products. So this products are probably fake and they don’t have any valuable cost for this kind of products. On the other hand you don’t have any chance to refund because you already paid amount to courier and if you want to refund you don’t have any payment method for refund. So if you are shopping with Pay at Door or Cash on Delivery ready to get fake items.


Real jewelry and gemstones counts as pieces, carats and grams. If a company offers you something like “buy 2 and get 1 free” etc… It means their products are not valuable, they are fake and sourced as bulk. Today non of real jewelry shop can offers this to you, you can find that kind of promotions at bijouteries shops. Gemstones has carats and carat has costs. Also materials are counts as grams and silver and gold has costs too. Nobody can offers you free silver or gold because of your 20-30 gr. (approximately weight of one ring is 10-15 grams) shopping. If a company offers that be sure of they are selling fake and Chinese products.



If a seller posts videos or pictures about their operations, how many cargos they sent etc… they probably tries to get your trusts. Non of big companies needs this. If you will use PayPal, Amazon Pay, Credit Card or Debit Card payments it means this sellers has agreements with banks and it is a real company. Today most of scam shop advertisements like as “SHOP NOW – PAY AT DOOR – BUY 2 GET” and they always shows cargo boxes as their sells. It might be true and they might cheat lots of peoples, but be careful and stay at safe side. Did you see any big companies operations center?


Today lots of people tries to earn some money by selling online. This peoples are generally works on instagram and facebook marketing but they don’t have any knowledge of products. They are just marketing products and never cares about quality of products. Also because of non knowledge about product they are not able to solve issues. This companies generally has lots of webshops and they only knows coding. They are sourcing items from china as dropshipping. Ol alternatively collects cheapest old products from market and tries to sell online. It will works if you are shopping for tshirts or keychains. However if you want to buy real jewelry online you should buy from jeweler. To detect if a company is marketing or  jeweler by checking their PayPal account. If company offers you pay with PayPal you can understand easily. For that just try to make payment with PayPal. It will redirect you to PayPal page to enter your PayPal email and password. At there you can check where you will make payment. If it is not match with company name that you are shopping, just run away! You are about shopping from one of marketer website and you will pay X4 for  Chinese or low quality product. And yes, it will probably fake.


It is one of the most important point if you are looking for genuine gemstones and real materials. Once you craft a ring by hand it is very easy to copy it with mould. Because of that big brands never shows their products before launching. Over Internet, if you see same product at different places with different prices it clearly means that, seller uses original item picture however they are selling fake products. For jewelry original and high quality stones directly effect prices. Also real materials effect prices aswell. Rings can make with 925 sterling silver directly or with silver plated metals. Both looks same but it will effect prices directly. Craft is another portion of price. Handmade and factory made products prices are different. If you are getting factory made products probably made in China and not unique pieces. However if you want handmade jewelry it needs great experience and time to prepare. Also machines can work with recycled thin materials however handmade products needs solid silver ingot. Rings will be thick and strong.


Did you see any physical jewellery shop who sells another products aswell? It is same for online. If a website selling lots of different products it means that they are not jeweler, they are dropshipping marketers. Jewelry must be unique and high end. It also needs high education and well known. It needs experience. If you are looking for real and valuable jewelry you should buy it from jewelry shop, online or offline. Not from marketplaces like etsy, ebay, amazon or not from web shops who sells lots of different items.


Today unfortunately everybody tries to sell something over internet. You may hear from your community aswell about their projects to sell online over instagram or internet. It can works for some products however it will not work for some products which needs experience. Gemstones generally uses for spiritual energy or benefits. If you will buy something fake it will not work and you will just waste your money. If you are looking for bijouteries, Aliexpress will be good source for you with best prices. Don’t waste your money for marketplaces at Etsy, Amazon or Ebay. Because this sellers at that kind of marketplaces generally buying items from Aliexpress and reselling at there. With this article we hope to protect you from scam shops and fake sellers.

24 thoughts on “Ring and Jewelry Prices

  1. annafab61 says:

    Grazie mille per queste preziose informazioni.Mi sono appena registrata e a breve credo faro’ un acquisto sul vostro sito,che è davvero ben fatto.I prodotti presentati sono veramente molto belli.

  2. Mariyah says:

    I had ordered 2 rings – Ottoman style zircon and Hurem sultan ring. I must say these are such unique and classy rings. Their quality is incredible. A lot of craftsmanship is required to bring out such masterpieces. Moreover I am fully satisfied with their customer service. They had sent the rings through DHL first which gave me a lot of trouble and when I complained to them, they patiently responded and sent them through FedEx and I received them hassle free. Thank you so much for your professionalism and great customer service.

  3. Norsah says:

    I love most of your beautiful jewelry collections. The designs are very intricate and meticulously crafted. However I would appreciate it if you could give a detail description of the jewelry shown i.e the size of the bangles, bracelets, pendants and length of necklaces available so that customers can choose the right size for them rather than having to send an inquiry to you about the product. This will save time. Thank you.

  4. Jean-Luc Philippon says:

    je suis agréablement surpris de la qualité de l’emballage et doublement de ma bague qui et très belle , ainsi que son expédition . merci beaucoup la boutique Ottoman

  5. Anamhir Rodriquez says:

    My father just purchased the blue saphire Hurrem ring for me . I’m so excited ! It’s also my favorite show. My dream is to visit Turkey. Glad I found this site. Thank you from Canada 🇨🇦

  6. Mohammad Fashiullah says:


    I want to purchase one genuine prayer bid (Tasbeeh) aqeeq, feroza or vise vera gems. My question how i know and teust its genuine and its good for me as i know above mentioned gems can not be carried by all peoples. Your appropriate answer will be highly appreciated.


    • Boutique Ottoman says:

      Dear Mohammad;

      To get original gems I suggest you to shop from well-known brand. Lots of fake products selling on marketplaces.

      We are not able to know which stone suits you. For that please google.

  7. Naeem Ali Rahim says:

    I want to ask boutique ottoman all the gemstones
    in your shop sapphires and agates gemstone i mean are Natural Earth stones or synthetic stones in crafted 925 silver ring astonishing designs only? If Natural do u provide any certificate of natural gemstones to ur costumers ? For your brand and your costumers satisfaction?

    • Berkay Cengiz says:

      Hi, thank you for your interest in our products. All of our gemstones are natural and genuine. We provide certificates for all orders. Thank you.

  8. Dendy Noviandana says:

    I would highly recommend Boutique Ottoman to anyone looking for a quality ring.
    The Zultanite or Zultania Diaspore originally from turkiye stone is amazing! With silver 925 rings.
    Im very proud to have one is the best stone and buy from this store.

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