Mens Onyx Rings

Men’s Onyx Rings are one of the most popular jewelry for men due to color of onyx. Onyx can be found in different colors however most popular one is the black color onyx stones. Because of its snob black color, it is the most preferred stone for men. In this guide we will give you detailed informations about below subjects;

  • What is Onyx Stone?
  • Type of Onyx Stones
  • Benefits of Onyx Stone
  • Understanding Real Onyx Stones
  • Best Designs for Mens Onyx Rings

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What is Onyx Stone?

Mens Onyx Rings
Mens Onyx Rings

Onyx is a semi precious gemstone mineral which generally found in black-gray-white color at nature. It is a stone from family of Chalcedony. Because of that it is called as black aqeeq / black agate aswell.  Only difference between Agate and Onyx is in the form of the bands. Agate has curved bands and onyx has parallel bands. Onyx is the most demanded gemstone for men as jewelry because of its great jet black color.

Types of Onyx Stones

There are many types of onyx stones as jet black, gray, white and stripped. Some of black and white stripped ones also can be called as sulemani aqeeq. But we generally calling onyx in jewelry sector for jet black ones. Types of onyx changes due to colors and layers. Most valuable ones are stripped ones and jet black ones.

Benefits of Onyx Stones and Wearing Mens Onyx Rings

Onyx also uses as healing stone due to its great and powerful benefits. Black onyx can helps for your job, work, carrier and wealth. It is known as power stone. Also helps you to give straight and right decisions. It is also one of the best stone for men to use as jewelry, especially in 925 sterling silver rings. Because of white color of silver and jet black color of onyx Mens Onyx Rings are best sellers and most populars from the beginning of jewelry world.

Understanding Real Onyx Stones

Understanding gemstones are not easy if you are not expert or you don’t have special tools for that. We already post an article How to Understand Genuine Aqeeq. You can read it for detailed information however there are some small tips that we always suggest our customers;

  • You can not find real gemstones at marketplace sellers. They are generally home based unprofessional sellers, to be sure of real jewelry and gemstones avoid from marketplace sellers like Ebay, Etsy etc…
  • Some famous internet brands not able to check each product / stone quality for their products. They have high volume sells and they are sourcing as bulk from China or best price offer companies. This companies never uses real gemstones on their jewelry. Also it is not possible.
  • Go for handmade jewelry or boutique shops that makes Mens Onyx Rings made to order. This type of shops checks all details for your jewelry and uses real gemstones.
  • Avoid from companies who offers you Pay At Door service. Pay at door services are non refundable and they probably send you low quality products.

Best Designs for Mens Onyx Rings

There are different types of jewelry for men. However we can talk for two main categories for Onyx Rings. Classic Onyx Men Rings and Modern Onyx Men Rings. Classic ones generally made by hand and sides has ornaments. Modern Onyx Men Rings are generally found in plain and shiny forms. As Boutique Ottoman Exclusive Collection we don’t have factory made products but you can find different type of Mens Onyx Rings at our shop. Our products manufactured at our Istanbul workshops and distributes worldwide directly from there. Rings are made to order and needs 1-3 business days to prepare. You can also shop for any ring body on Handicraft Collection for black onyx stone. Our jewelers able to change stone with Jet Black Onyx stone on that collection.

Onyx Men Rings are popular at United States and United Kingdom. This type of rings are preferred by Gentlemen because it suits for everyone. If you have Classic, sport or modern styles no matter. They are black and white at the end and suits to you. Onyx Men Rings at United States are also preferred by customers who wants to gift someone. At United States and United Kingdom, real jewelry products are so expensive if they are handmade or they have real gemstones. This markets are full with fake chinese products. Because of that Boutique Ottoman Onyx Men Rings are preferred by USA and UK customers since 2007.

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