Ottoman Rings by Boutique Ottoman

Boutique Ottoman is the famous Ottoman Rings Jewelry Shop Worldwide. With our special Ottoman Jewelry collection Boutique Ottoman provides to worldwide customers Ottoman Rings, Ottoman Bracelets, Ottoman Earrings, Ottoman Necklaces and other Ottoman Jewelry products.

Ottoman Rings:

Boutique Ottoman provides highest quality hand made Ottoman Rings from Istanbul to worldwide. Most of our Rings made by 925 Carat Sterling Silver. We are able to adjust sizes international standards. You can check our International Ring Size Chart.  By this way your Ottoman Rings order with exact size.

Ottoman Rings Designs:

Our Ottoman Ring designs coming from Ottoman Culture. On our rings we are mostly using emerald and ruby stones. Also our one of the best Ring known as Hurrem Sultan Ring for women. This Ring designed by Sultan Suleiman for his love Hurrem Sultan. Also we have Ottoman Man Rings with special Ottoman Patterns known as Tugra.

Why Boutique Ottoman?

Boutique Ottoman is the biggest Online Ottoman Jewelry shop from Istanbul. We are delivering all items worldwide without any limitation. All of products are special manufacturing and most of them made by 925 Grade Silver.

One thought on “Ottoman Rings Shop Online

  1. Abir Sultana says:

    Dear Concern,
    Can i purchase finger ring from Bangladesh? Can you make a parcel here in Dhaka, Bangladesh through DHL? And what will be the payment method? Is payment by MASTER CARD/ VISA CARD is allowed? Is there any additional charges i need to pay to get the parcel? or only the price shows in website?

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