Black Onyx Silver Rings

Quite simple, black onyx is silver rings are most popular types of jewelry for everyone. If you are jewelry lover you should have one in your collection. And if you are a gentleman you must have one in your hand.

Black stones has great combination with white silver. Because of that mostly black onyx stones are used at silver jewelry and rings. They are preferred so much to combine with suits for gentlemen.

What is Onyx Stone?

Onyx Classic Silver Ring
Onyx Classic Silver Ring

Onyx is a type of quartz stone which one is same family from Agate (Aqeeq) stones. It has black gray color with white bands sometimes. Onyx is one of semi-precious stone type. This stones are mostly founded as black shiny colors and used so much at jewelry design and decorative items.

Due to easy processing and nice looks, Onyx is using since old ages at different designes. Especially as a beads it is used because of its benefits.

Specifications of Onyx Stone

Black stone handmade ring
Black stone handmade ring

Onyx stones has various colors and able to find it as black, brown, gray and white colors. Also it has some types with red bands which one is known as Saronyx stone. But most expensive onyx stone is black one. It is hard to find pure black color onyx stone.

Like other semi-precious gemstones, Onyx stone also has own specifications. It is known as “Holy Stone” since Ancient Ages. It was the most popular stone at Ancient Geek and Rome Empire.

Historical Story of Onyx Stone

Due to mythology; one day Cupid who is the love lord, cut finger nails of love princess Venus with arrow when she was sleeping. After that he put this nails to desert. This nails turns stone after some time. Today this stone known as Onyx. Onyx stone also known as “positive stone” or “luck stone”.

Benefits of Onyx Stone

Onyx stone known as “positive stone” or “luck stone”. This stone has lots of psychological and physical benefits;

  • Onyx helps for depression, feels more happy
  • Help you for negative looks (similar to evil eye, nathar)
  • Makes you calm and relax
  • Gives you luck and brave
  • Helps you to focus
  • Helps to be equal at relationship
  • Helps anxiety
  • Improve hearing and helps for ear issues
  • Makes you stronger
  • If you have any pain in your body need to touch this area for 2-3 times a day


Onyx stone is carried by lots of people because of its great black color. It has best combination with white silver or gold. You can find our onyx collection by clicking HERE.

Other Informations of Onyx Stone

How can I clean Onyx Stone or Onyx Stone Jewelry? 

To get energy back you should wait onyx stone under water for 5 minutes and wait under sun light for 1 hours.

What is the physical strength of Onyx Stone?

Tensile strength of onyx stone is 7 degree.

How Onyx effects Chakra?

Onyx is directly effect root chakra of body.


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