Dur Al Najaf Handcraft Women & Men Couple Rings Set

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Dur Al Najaf Handcraft Women & Men Couple Rings Set by Boutique Ottoman Exclusive Collection. Made by 925 Sterling Silver with Dur Al Najaf Stone. Handmade products with traditional techniques. Sides of the rings are designed exclusively by hand.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type: Dur Al Najaf

Technique: Traditional Handicraft

Gems Dimensions: 20 x 15 mm (Men) / 18 x 13 mm (Women)

Average Weight: 15 gr (Men) / 7 gr (Women)

Dur Al Najaf stone settled in 925 sterling silver ring. Back side is open to touch gemstone to your skin. Made in Istanbul Turkey with traditional handicraft technique.

Shipping from Istanbul, Turkey to any worldwide location.

*Customization: If you wish to customize this ring please contact us for price inquiry. 

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Men’s Ring Size

Women’s Ring Size

Women’s Ring Plating Color

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