Al-Fattah Red Yemeni Aqeeq Silver Filigree Women Ring

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This handmade collection is made of 925 sterling silver by hand at Boutique Ottoman Jeweler workshops in Istanbul, Turkey.

Aqeeq – Agate stone settled on the ring. Written in Arabic “ูŠุง ูุชุงุญ (Al-Fattah)” which means “O Opener (of all things).” Al-Fattah” (The Opener) is one of the 99 names of Allah, indicating He is the one who opens all things and solves all difficulties.

Shipping directly from Turkey to any worldwide address via Express Courier. Shipping is free and fully trackable. Delivery takes 2-4 days only.

Material:ย 925 Sterling Silver
Stone Dimensions: 18×18 mm
Weight:ย 9 gr (depends on your ring size)

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