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After high interest from worldwide to our Islamic Jewelry products, we started our new online Islamic Jewelry Store Islamic Jeweler at 01/02/2014. Our designers combinated Islamic arts with an experience of Ottoman Jewelry.

Islamic Jeweler uses mainly 925 sterling silver on their products. Also Aqeeq stones are used on some rings. All products made in Istanbul, Turkey and shipping directly from there to worldwide. Islamic Jewelers aim to provide Islamic Jewelry to worldwide customers wherever they are. Products designs are inspired from Ottoman Emipre Collection. Islamic heritages and Islamic art is very important for Ottoman Culture. Like our Mohammad Rasoul Allah rings, Islamic Jeweler inspired from Islam and Ottoman culture to create new Islamic desigs.

Islamic-Jewelry-ShopToday Islamic Jeweler known worldwide as Islamic Jewelry Store that you can find highest quality Islamic jewelry online. Same as our features, Islamic Jeweler has worldwide delivery aswell via TNT Express. Some of products can takes more than 2-3 days to preparation because of hand made however you will get your order maximum in a week. All jewelry products ships via Express Delivery and reaches any country in 4 days maximum.

Islamic Jeweler provides Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings aswell as Qur’an to their customers.

Especially if you are looking for Ayat Al Kursi Bracelets you can find modern or classic models there. Most popular products of Islamic Jeweler is Ayat Al Kursi collection.

Day by day our jewelry designers publishes their new Islamic Jewelry products to Islamic Jeweler. If you like our Islamic Ring collection it is the correct online store to happy shopping.

We choose some products from Islamic Jeweler but you can check all of collection from Islamic Jewelry Shop direct

Silver Asma Al Husna Necklace
Silver Asma Al Husna Necklace
Allah Necklace
Authentic Allah Written Necklace
Allah Earrings
Allah Written Earrings
Islamic Jewelry Store
Allah Written Ring


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