Find Your Finger Circumference

Our goal in this technique is to find the circumference of our finger. For this we need a piece of straight cut paper or a non-stretch thread, pencil, scissors and ruler.

Cut a piece of paper no thicker than 1 cm and wrap it around your finger. Alternatively, you can use thread.

Mark the starting point on the paper. If you used a rope, cut it at the junction point.

Measure the length from the beginning of the paper to the point you marked. If you used thread, measure the length of thread.

– Try the same process several times just to be sure. Try to find the same size.
– If you used thread, be sure to measure straight.
– Use the millimeter side of the ruler.
– Make sure it is not too tight.

Congratulations! You are ready to complete your order. You can find your size in the table below!