Real Aqeeq Stone

AQEEQ STONE Aqeeq stone rings are one of the best seller rings worldwide due to benefits of Aqeeq. This special gemstone also known as Agate in English and عقيق نبات in arabic language. In this post we will give very detailed information about Aqeeq Stone Rings and benefits of carry and wear Aqeeq Stone. As a […]

Yemeni Aqeeq Rings

Yemeni Aqeeq Rings

Yemeni Aqeeq Rings Yemeni Aqeeq Rings are most valuable jewellery for some people who knows benefits of Aqeeq. In this article we will inform you about preparation steps of Yemeni Aqeeq Rings and also show you our collection from Boutique Ottoman Exclusive Shop. SaveSave As Boutique Ottoman, we are the most famous Aqeeq Stone Rings […]


GEMSTONE RINGS UK Gemstone Rings UK article prepared to inform our customers from United Kingdom. As Boutique Ottoman we got lots of demands from UK about Gemstone Rings and we want to share detailed information about our Gemstone Rings. Boutique Ottoman Gemstone Rings are crafted in Istanbul, Turkey like our other jewelry products. As you know Turkish Jewelry especially […]

Silver Ring With Black Stone

Silver Ring With Black Stone Silver Ring With Black Stone article prepared to give you information about onyx and other black stones. Lot’s of people doesn’t know gemstones names and calls gemstones with their colours. Because of that we want to publish this article to guide you if you are planning to buy Silver Rings […]

Amber Tasbih and Prayer Beads

Ottoman Amber Tasbih

Amber Tasbih and Prayer Beads Tasbih is most common hand product and accessory with different names as Tasbeeh, Misbaha, Sibha, Sipha, Prayer Beads or Rosary. It has lots of names because it was used and still using by different cultures. Main reason to use Tasbih is counting or doing Zikr. Because of that Muslims generally […]